Most wins: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (11), Titanic (11), Ben-Hur (11)

Most nominations: Titanic (14)

Longest race: 1942 (117h 46min)

Longest movie: O.J.: Made in America, 2017 - (7h 47min)

Shortest movie: Fresh Guacamole, 2013 - (2min)

Most director wins: john ford (4)The Quiet Man, How Green Was My Valley, The Grapes of Wrath, The Informer

Most nominated director: william wyler (12)The Collector, Ben-Hur, Friendly Persuasion, Roman Holiday, Detective Story, The Heiress, The Best Years of Our Lives, Mrs. Miniver, The Little Foxes, The Letter, Wuthering Heights, Dodsworth

Appeared most times*: mel blanc (36)Technological Threat, Tin Toy, Luxo Jr., Now Hear This, Nelly's Folly, The Pied Piper of Guadalupe, High Note, Mouse and Garden, Mexicali Shmoes, Knighty Knight Bugs, Birds Anonymous, Tabasco Road, Speedy Gonzales, Sandy Claws, From A to Z-Z-Z-Z, Canary Row, For Scent-imental Reasons, So Much for So Little, Mouse Wreckers, Wet Blanket Policy, Tweetie Pie, Walky Talky Hawky, Life with Feathers, Dog, Cat, and Canary, Swooner Crooner, Greetings Bait, The Dizzy Acrobat, Juke Box Jamboree, Pigs in a Polka, Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt, How War Came, Speaking of Animals Down on the Farm, A Wild Hare, Pinocchio, Detouring America, Peace on Earth

* Listed in "Stars" on IMDB

YearNr of MoviesRace lengthBest Picture WinnerMost winsMost nominationsAverage length*Longest movieNr of racers
20245384h 29minOppenheimerOppenheimer (7)Oppenheimer (13)2h 5minKillers of the Flower Moon (3h 26min)1287
20235488h 34minEverything Everywhere All at OnceEverything Everywhere All at Once (7)Everything Everywhere All at Once (10)2h 7minAvatar: The Way of Water (3h 12min)1198
20225384h 39minCODADune (5)The Power of the Dog (11)2h 4minDrive My Car (2h 59min)1165
20215681h 8minNomadlandNomadland (3)Mank (10)1h 51minDa 5 Bloods (2h 34min)1226
20205381h 33minParasiteParasite (4)Joker (10)2h 1minThe Irishman (3h 29min)773
20195278h 9minGreen BookBlack Panther (3), Bohemian Rhapsody (3), Green Book (3), Roma (3)Roma (9), The Favourite (9)1h 59minNever Look Away (3h 9min)676
20185991h 54minThe Shape of WaterThe Shape of Water (4)The Shape of Water (12)1h 58minBlade Runner 2049 (2h 44min)642
201762102h 39minMoonlightLa La Land (6)La La Land (12)2h 2minO.J.: Made in America (7h 47min)602
20165786h 53minSpotlightMad Max: Fury Road (5)The Revenant (11)1h 57minThe Hateful Eight (2h 48min)561
20156093h 56minBirdmanBirdman (4), The Grand Budapest Hotel (4)The Grand Budapest Hotel (9)1h 58minInterstellar (2h 49min)550
20145787h 36min12 Years a SlaveGravity (6)American Hustle (10)1h 57minThe Wolf of Wall Street (3h 0min)455
20135379h 27minArgoLife of Pi (4)Lincoln (12)1h 56minThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2h 49min)162
20126192h 51minThe ArtistHugo (5), The Artist (5)Hugo (11)1h 54minThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2h 38min)164
20115683h 27minThe King's SpeechInception (4), The King's Speech (4)The King's Speech (12)1h 53minBiutiful (2h 28min)163
20105888h 38minThe Hurt LockerThe Hurt Locker (6)Avatar (9), The Hurt Locker (9)1h 55minAvatar (2h 42min)158
20095073h 57minSlumdog MillionaireSlumdog Millionaire (8)The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (13)1h 56minThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2h 46min)149
20085893h 4minNo Country for Old MenNo Country for Old Men (4)No Country for Old Men (8), There Will Be Blood (8)1h 59minPirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2h 49min)150
20075890h 35minThe DepartedThe Departed (4)Babel (6), Dreamgirls (6), Pan's Labyrinth (6), The Queen (6)1h 57minThe Good Shepherd (2h 47min)149
20065483h 30minCrashBrokeback Mountain (3), Crash (3), King Kong (3), Memoirs of a Geisha (3)Brokeback Mountain (8)1h 58minKing Kong (3h 7min)144
20055480h 58minMillion Dollar BabyThe Aviator (5)The Aviator (11)1h 57minThe Aviator (2h 50min)142
20044974h 57minThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (11)The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (11)1h 57minThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (3h 21min)142
20035276h 28minChicagoChicago (5)Chicago (12)1h 54minThe Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2h 59min)145
20025079h 38minA Beautiful MindA Beautiful Mind (4), The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (4)The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (13)2h 2minLagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (3h 44min)146
20015281h 13minGladiatorGladiator (5)Gladiator (12)1h 56minThe Patriot (2h 45min)140
20005894h 38minAmerican BeautyAmerican Beauty (5)American Beauty (8)2h 0minThe Green Mile (3h 9min)149
19995382h 24minShakespeare in LoveShakespeare in Love (7)Shakespeare in Love (13)1h 57minBeloved (2h 52min)135
19985790h 23minTitanicTitanic (11)Titanic (14)2h 1minTitanic (3h 14min)138
199765106h 3minThe English PatientThe English Patient (9)The English Patient (12)1h 58minHamlet (4h 2min)127
19965788h 31minBraveheartBraveheart (5)Braveheart (10)1h 57minNixon (3h 12min)129
19955684h 31minForrest GumpForrest Gump (6)Forrest Gump (13)2h 2minWyatt Earp (3h 11min)132
19945076h 55minSchindler's ListSchindler's List (7)Schindler's List (12)2h 0minSchindler's List (3h 15min)125
19935685h 4minUnforgivenUnforgiven (4)Howards End (9), Unforgiven (9)2h 1minMalcolm X (3h 22min)115
19924569h 10minThe Silence of the LambsThe Silence of the Lambs (5)Bugsy (9)2h 1minJFK (3h 9min)126
19915276h 31minDances with WolvesDances with Wolves (7)Dances with Wolves (12)1h 58minDances with Wolves (3h 1min)121
19905181h 10minDriving Miss DaisyDriving Miss Daisy (4)Driving Miss Daisy (9)1h 56minCamille Claudel (2h 55min)125
19895390h 27minRain ManRain Man (4), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (4)Rain Man (8)2h 7minLittle Dorrit (5h 57min)110
19885586h 4minThe Last EmperorThe Last Emperor (9)The Last Emperor (9)1h 58minEyes on the Prize (6h 0min)103
19875274h 49minPlatoonPlatoon (4)A Room with a View (8)1h 50minThe Assault (2h 24min)105
19864872h 35minOut of AfricaOut of Africa (7)Out of Africa (11)1h 56minOut of Africa (2h 41min)104
19855280h 1minAmadeusAmadeus (8)A Passage to India (11)1h 53minA Passage to India (2h 44min)108
19844667h 9minTerms of EndearmentFanny and Alexander (4), Terms of Endearment (4), The Right Stuff (4)Terms of Endearment (9)1h 55minThe Right Stuff (3h 13min)97
19834769h 7minGandhiGandhi (8)Gandhi (11)1h 58minGandhi (3h 11min)110
19824263h 35minChariots of FireRaiders of the Lost Ark (5)Reds (12)2h 4minHeaven's Gate (3h 39min)102
19814874h 38minOrdinary PeopleOrdinary People (3), Tess (3)Raging Bull (8), The Elephant Man (8)1h 57minTess (3h 6min)100
19805479h 2minKramer vs. KramerAll That Jazz (4), Kramer vs. Kramer (4)All That Jazz (9)1h 53minApocalypse Now (2h 27min)102
19794870h 45minThe Deer HunterThe Deer Hunter (5)Heaven Can Wait (9), The Deer Hunter (9)1h 53minThe Deer Hunter (3h 3min)93
19784968h 44minAnnie HallStar Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (7)Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (11)1h 54minThe Message (2h 57min)102
19775076h 58minRockyAll the President's Men (4), Network (4)Network (9), Rocky (9)1h 57minNights and Days (4h 5min)105
19765582h 29minOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (5)One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (9)1h 58minBarry Lyndon (3h 5min)105
19755073h 19minThe Godfather Part IIThe Godfather Part II (6)Chinatown (11)2h 0minThe Deluge (4h 47min)98
19744667h 56minThe StingThe Sting (7)The Exorcist (10), The Sting (10)1h 52minLudwig (3h 58min)97
19734873h 5minThe GodfatherCabaret (8)Cabaret (10)1h 54minThe Dawns Here Are Quiet (3h 8min)96
19724980h 28minThe French ConnectionThe French Connection (5)Fiddler on the Roof (8), The French Connection (8)2h 1minThe Sorrow and the Pity (4h 11min)97
19714976h 3minPattonPatton (7)Patton (10)1h 57minRyan's Daughter (3h 20min)61
19704572h 43minMidnight CowboyButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (4)Anne of the Thousand Days (10)2h 4minThe Brothers Karamazov (3h 52min)65
19695284h 9minOliver!Oliver! (6)Oliver! (12)2h 7minWar and Peace (6h 33min)84
19684771h 19minIn the Heat of the NightIn the Heat of the Night (5)Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (10)1h 57minCamelot (2h 59min)88
19675381h 55minA Man for All SeasonsA Man for All Seasons (6)Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (13)1h 59minHawaii (3h 9min)51
19665590h 2minThe Sound of MusicDoctor Zhivago (5), The Sound of Music (5)Doctor Zhivago (10), The Sound of Music (10)2h 10minThe Greatest Story Ever Told (4h 20min)77
19655790h 18minMy Fair LadyMy Fair Lady (8)Mary Poppins (12), My Fair Lady (12)1h 56minThe Fall of the Roman Empire (3h 8min)92
19645888h 22minTom JonesCleopatra (4), Tom Jones (4)Cleopatra (9)2h 3minIt's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (3h 30min)69
19635591h 24minLawrence of ArabiaLawrence of Arabia (7)Lawrence of Arabia (10)2h 5minLawrence of Arabia (3h 38min)76
19625582h 19minWest Side StoryWest Side Story (10)West Side Story (11)2h 1minEl Cid (3h 2min)80
19615684h 47minThe ApartmentThe Apartment (5)The Apartment (10)2h 0minExodus (3h 28min)75
19604976h 7minBen-HurBen-Hur (11)Ben-Hur (12)2h 0minBen-Hur (3h 32min)76
19595379h 52minGigiGigi (9)Gigi (9)1h 56minThe Young Lions (2h 47min)55
19584670h 7minThe Bridge on the River KwaiThe Bridge on the River Kwai (7)Sayonara (10)1h 53minRaintree County (3h 2min)78
19575990h 50minAround the World in 80 DaysAround the World in 80 Days (5), The King and I (5)Giant (9), The King and I (9)1h 57minThe Ten Commandments (3h 40min)67
19565678h 41minMartyMarty (4)Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (8), Marty (8), The Rose Tattoo (8)1h 48minGuys and Dolls (2h 30min)52
19555574h 21minOn the WaterfrontOn the Waterfront (8)On the Waterfront (10)1h 45minA Star Is Born (2h 34min)71
19546682h 11minFrom Here to EternityFrom Here to Eternity (8)From Here to Eternity (12)1h 41minThe Robe (2h 15min)53
19536279h 20minThe Greatest Show on EarthThe Bad and the Beautiful (5)High Noon (7), Moulin Rouge (7), The Quiet Man (7)1h 41minThe Greatest Show on Earth (2h 32min)61
19525677h 45minAn American in ParisA Place in the Sun (6), An American in Paris (6)A Streetcar Named Desire (12)1h 42minQuo Vadis (2h 51min)71
19515674h 37minAll About EveAll About Eve (6)All About Eve (12)1h 38minAll About Eve (2h 18min)76
19506171h 25minAll the King's MenThe Heiress (4)The Heiress (8)1h 39minTwelve O'Clock High (2h 12min)43
19495363h 2minHamletHamlet (4)Johnny Belinda (12)1h 43minHamlet (2h 34min)44
19486178h 1minGentleman's AgreementGentleman's Agreement (3), Miracle on 34th Street (3)Gentleman's Agreement (7)1h 48minMourning Becomes Electra (2h 39min)55
19475572h 47minThe Best Years of Our LivesThe Best Years of Our Lives (8)The Best Years of Our Lives (9)1h 55minChildren of Paradise (3h 9min)70
194685110h 1minThe Lost WeekendThe Lost Weekend (4)The Bells of St. Mary's (8)1h 40minObjective, Burma! (2h 22min)48
194585116h 47minGoing My WayGoing My Way (7)Wilson (10)1h 41minSince You Went Away (2h 57min)53
194499112h 35minCasablancaThe Song of Bernadette (4)The Song of Bernadette (11)1h 43minFor Whom the Bell Tolls (2h 50min)73
194397106h 2minMrs. MiniverMrs. Miniver (5)Mrs. Miniver (11), The Pride of the Yankees (11)1h 38minMrs. Miniver (2h 14min)65
1942102117h 46minHow Green Was My ValleyHow Green Was My Valley (5)Sergeant York (11)1h 38minI Wanted Wings (2h 15min)81
19416999h 53minRebeccaThe Thief of Bagdad (3)Rebecca (11)1h 39minAll This, and Heaven Too (2h 21min)75
19405475h 57minGone with the WindGone with the Wind (8)Gone with the Wind (13)1h 43minGone with the Wind (3h 58min)86
19395978h 0minYou Can't Take It with YouThe Adventures of Robin Hood (3)You Can't Take It with You (7)1h 36minMarie Antoinette (2h 29min)73
19385775h 27minThe Life of Emile ZolaThe Life of Emile Zola (3)The Life of Emile Zola (10)1h 37minThe Good Earth (2h 18min)65
19375370h 20minThe Great ZiegfeldAnthony Adverse (4)Anthony Adverse (7), Dodsworth (7), The Great Ziegfeld (7)1h 41minThe Great Ziegfeld (2h 56min)40
19364762h 42minMutiny on the BountyThe Informer (4)The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (7)1h 36minA Midsummer Night's Dream (2h 13min)45
193532No dataIt Happened One NightIt Happened One Night (5)One Night of Love (7)1h 33minEskimo (1h 57min)52
193428No dataCavalcadeCavalcade (3)A Farewell to Arms (4), Cavalcade (4), Lady for a Day (4)1h 35minThe Sign of the Cross (2h 5min)49
193327No dataGrand HotelBad Girl (2), The Champ (2)Arrowsmith (4), The Champ (4)1h 26minGrand Hotel (1h 52min)42
193222No dataCimarronCimarron (3)Cimarron (7)1h 32minCimarron (2h 3min)29
193126No dataAll Quiet on the Western FrontAll Quiet on the Western Front (2), The Big House (2)The Love Parade (6)1h 32minAll Quiet on the Western Front (2h 32min)37
19302841h 53minThe Broadway MelodyCoquette (1), In Old Arizona (1), The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1), The Broadway Melody (1), The Divine Lady (1), The Patriot (1), White Shadows in the South Seas (1)In Old Arizona (5), The Patriot (5)1h 30minThe Hollywood Revue of 1929 (2h 10min)25
192924No dataWings7th Heaven (3), Sunrise (3)7th Heaven (5)1h 34minThe Patent Leather Kid (2h 30min)45

* Average movie length excludes short films

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